One Dress Protest

A trend that is big in blogging these days is some sort of gimmick that gets people’s attention. One well-known example of this was the Uniform Project, in which a blogger wore the same dress every day for a year, but  then made a point to accessorize it 365 different ways. (Actually, she had seven dresses — one for each day of the week.)

Along those same lines comes a new blog called One Dress Protest. The twist on this one is that the blogger is not only wearing the same dress all year, she has intentionally pared her wardrobe down to the very basics and will not be changing her look from day-to-day with accessories. She is encouraging folks to join her, if even for only one month.

At first, Recycla thought that there was no way she could do this, but then she realized that she actually could. As it happens, she pretty much has already done so. Recycla’s wardrobe is nearly all black — pants, shirts, dresses, skirts, sweaters, and shoes. That’s not to say that she doesn’t have other colors in her wardrobe, but if you were to look in her closet or dresser, you’d mostly see black. Recycla wears so much black that she actually had to challenge herself to wear other colors earlier this year. Sometimes, Recycla gets into clothing ruts and wears the same outfits over and over — black t-shirt and black crops one day, black t-shirt (same style, different shirt) and other black crops the next day. So if necessary, she could easily pare her wardrobe down to just a few essentials.

But… Recycla did this when she traveled with her family in April. For 12 days, she had only four or five outfits, which she washed repeatedly on her trip. And you know what? It got boring. Even though she loved the clothes she was wearing, she lamented her lack of choice when she looked in her suitcase. But, when she got home and was faced with her full closet again, she didn’t really branch out very much, again preferring to stick with her basic wardrobe of mostly black clothes.

So Recycla is pondering the One Dress Protest in some form (perhaps one shirt, one pair of pants) and wondering if she could do it for a month or even just week. She might give it a try later this year and see how it goes.

Tell the Eco Women: Could you do the One Dress Protest?


4 thoughts on “One Dress Protest

  1. I’m a funeral director and have to dress appropriately. The job includes days when I do nothing. I can and do wear the same thing over and over.

  2. I used to wear white uniforms, so adding color to my wardrobe became a must. That said, I could do anything for a challenge! But I suspect I would get bored pretty quickly. . .

  3. I could not do this–this assumes a certain lifestyle that must involve a 9-5 office job. I have to be prepared for a wider range of activity!

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