An eco royal wedding?

Like millions, no billions, of other people around the world, Recycla is eagerly anticipating tomorrow’s wedding for Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

This morning, Eco Karen has a very interesting blog post about the eco aspects of the royal wedding, including the following:

  • The bride is wearing a recycled engagement ring in the form of the late Princess Diana’s famous sapphire and diamond engagement ring.
  • All of the paper used for the wedding is either recycled or FSC-certified.
  • Food for the wedding reception and other events will be locally grown and some will be organic.
  • The flowers will be seasonal and, where possible, plants and flowers used will be live (not cut) and planted afterward.
  • Guests are being asked to donate to charity instead of buying gifts.

Now, all that said, Recycla is not naive and she understands that a great deal of effort, energy, materials, and money are going into this wedding. She does not for one minute suggest that you believe it is carbon neutral. However, she offers kudos to the bride and groom for at least trying to minimize the impact of their big day. After all, he is the future king of England and a certain level of pomp and ceremony are expected of him on what will be one of the most important days of his life. So the fact that the bride and groom are thinking about Planet Earth at all is commendable.

Tell the Eco Women: What do you think of the royal couple’s attempts to be eco with their wedding planning?


3 thoughts on “An eco royal wedding?

  1. I really, really like that they didn’t go overboard on things–instead of car after car after car, they used minibuses to transport people. The charity instead of gifts was a lovely gesture, esp. in light of how old they are and that they are established. It looked like a quality time without going overboard and I think everyone appreciated it–from the Tea Partiers to those of us partying with tea.

  2. I was adamant I wouldn’t watch the wedding this Friday, but it seemed impossible to escape it! And, I must admit, I’m pleased that I did… it is after all a pretty big event for England, and although I’m not one for weddings in general, I did think it was pretty awesome of them to consider all the things that they did to make it a more environmentally friendly, less wasteful day. The fact that the trees were replanted was GREAT but my favourite thing was definitely the fact that they asked for donations to charity instead of presents. I just hope that all the people that flocked to London to see it were as careful with their carbon footprints!

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