Team Eco Etsy and Sprint

Today the Eco Women have a guest post by Eco Karen to kick off the week before Earth Day, plus a giveaway and an auction!

I am very honored and proud to announce that Team Eco Etsy has partnered with Sprint, one of the highest ranked green telecom companies, to link our team’s site to its select Android devices for easy green handmade shopping experience for its customers right at their finger tips.

On April 15th, Sprint announced its newest ID Pack called, Green ID pack  that “automatically loads apps, widgets and shortcuts tailor-made for users who want to live a more environmentally sustainable life and help others to do the same.” This awesome feature is already available for owners of the LG Optimus S™, Sanyo Zio™, Samsung Transform™, Samsung Epic™ 4G* and Samsung Galaxy Tab™ on their devices with one simple click. Sprint’s newest environmentally preferred phone, the Samsung Replenish™, also will offer the Green ID pack when it becomes available on May 8.

The team has worked tirelessly to create a very successful and engaging blog that more than 14 members contribute regularly. The topics we share are everything green, including eco-tips, tutorials, and eco news. In addition, we cover tips on building and managing our handmade businesses, feature our creative members, and review members’ Etsy shops.

But what Sprint was interested in was not just our content, but also the amazingly creative green handmade crafts that our talented members make and sell on Etsy. It wanted its Android customers to be able to click from their mobile devices to our Etsy shops to buy our eco crafts via our website.  It was more than thrilling to hear that a big corporation like Sprint would be interested in a team of eco-friendly handmade artists. It was definitely an inspiring news.

What is Green ID Pack Exactly?

The Green ID pack has four screens; Green Shop, Green Now, Live Green, and Take Action.

Green Shop” screen will feature our team’s logo that will directly take the users to our website. From the website, they can click the category tabs on the left, which will bring them to members’ items on Etsy. We will be sharing the screen with some prominent companies like eBay Green, Green, Seasonal Harvest, and Light Bulb Finder.

Other screens on Green ID Pack include, Green Now which has TreenHugger, Earth911, and; Live Green that has a widget that delivers weekly tips from Green America, link to the Green You app, and shortcuts to TreeHugger; Take Action which has the National Audubon Society, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Green Education Foundation and more.

As you can imagine, we are extremely proud and excited about this recognition and the opportunity to work with one of the greenest telecom companies that ranked at No. 6 as America’s Greenest Companies by Newsweek in 2010.  Sprint was also ranked highest among the wireless carrier industry on the Carbon Disclosure Project’s “Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index.” In addition, Sprint received the “Sustainability Leadership Award” at the 2010 International Electronics Recycling Conference and Expo for its leadership among wireless carriers in the recycling of mobile handsets.

As small business owners, this recognition is beyond what we dreamed of since we regard Sprint as big corporate America that does not notice handmade crafters’ humble mission of keeping the planet clean and safe for our children.

So my message to you, readers, is that keep your mission to live green. No one act is small. If you continue your cleaner lifestyle, it will pay you back in many ways. Look at our little handmade team. We would have never thought that our little handmade business would be noticed by a big corporation like Sprint and look where we are now.

Team Eco Etsy is a moderated team of over 400 active members that are dedicated to managing our Etsy shops in an eco-friendly manner by keeping our environment safe and sustainable. We participate in team events such as Annual Handmade for Earth Day Auction*, Green Holiday Giveaway, and support each other in team forums. We are planning on our first Meet Up at Etsy Headquarter in June.

*Team Eco Etsy’s Second Annual Handmade for Earth Day Auction is going on now and will end on April 24th. The winners will be announced on April 25th. The auction is to celebrate and raise awareness about Earth Day. The proceeds from the auction is to be donated to a non-profit organization that members vote on annually. This year, the proceeds will be donated to Habitat for Humanity in Japan to support the relief effort, to help rebuild and to aid Japanese earthquake survivors. The auction is open worldwide and you can bid on three separate categories – Welcoming Baby, Eco Happy Kid, and Going on a Picnic – in the comment section of the auction pages until April 24th.

That’s great stuff, Eco Karen! To further celebrate this week before Earth Day, the Eco Women are giving away a 4-pack of wool dryer balls, a Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Kitchen Basics Set and two Envirosax shopping bags.  Each comment telling the Eco Women how you plan to celebrate Earth Day this year is an entry to win–we’ll announce the lucky winner next Monday!


5 thoughts on “Team Eco Etsy and Sprint

  1. Well, since it’s Easter weekend and we have out-of-town family obligations, we’ll be spending part of Earth Day driving 3 hours to see my in-laws – not the most eco-conscious, I know. But I was also planning to walk to and from work that day, saving a little bit of carbon emissions, and we will certainly be sure to turn off as many electrical things as possible while we’re gone for the weekend. And since my husband’s parents are big wine drinkers, perhaps I can score some locally made organic wine to take along as a gift?

  2. I plan to celebrate Earth Day as I always do – by setting a good example and being eco-conscious in my daily life. Living green is often also frugal. For example, using dryer balls means not having to buy fabric softener.

    Happy Earth Week, and congrats on the App!

  3. Nothing special for Earth Day here. I’m usually at the Grand Canyon for it, but that trip was pushed back a couple weeks this year. So instead I will likely spend it resting and recuperating from my whirlwind trip to LA this week and preparing for family and the fun of Easter. (Read: dyeing a bazillion eggs. In a green fashion though! – no kits in this house.)

    So wish we had Sprint in these parts. Looks like a fabulous pack!

  4. I will be sharing seeds with my neighbors, as I do every year. It was initiated by Eco Etsy as a team event and it’s been a great way to meet new neighbors but also to have an opportunity to catch up with old neighbors too.

    Thanks for posting my awesome news about Eco Etsy and Sprint – a wonderful green company that we are so proud to be associated with.

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