KIWI – You Can GrOw Green

As gardeners who want to “go green”, we can all think of kiwis as kudzu with fruit. The vines can grow 15 feet in two months.

Cut them back and they grow another 15 feet before the fall leaf drop. So what to do with all those vines?

A friend told me she was walking through an arts ‘n’ craft store and spotted some wreaths. “Hmmmm,” she said. “Those vines look a lot like my kiwi vines.”

And so she made wreaths.
Every year friends and family get wreaths. Sometimes she decorates them and sometimes she lets her artsy friends do the decorating.

You’ll want to make them in the spring before the leaves bud or in the fall after the leaves have dropped. First you’ll need to prune and separate the more flexible vines from the thicker, stiffer ones. Then twist the vines around each other and make a long rope. You can use an old yard debris bin to wrap them around or anything you have sitting around the house: a bucket, a bin, or try some different shapes and sizes.

It is nice to use bins that taper because when you are finished you can simply slip the wreath off the smaller end. After getting the basic circle shape, continue to wrap more vines around the base. You could even make two or three circles and then wrap them together to make one large wreath.

It is easiest to make the wreaths the same day as the vines are cut since they are more flexible. However, if it is a rainy week, the rain soaked vines will still have enough flex to wrap several days later. The Green Queen’s friend gave me three bases to play with and I’m planning to decorate them.

You could try different things: like stuffing some moss in between the vines and putting sedums in the moss. Or maybe some of the air-plants. Then you will have a living wreath for the front door.

Thanks to Roz for the ideas and after her kiwi is pruned, she might take another look at the wisteria. Maybe she’ll share her new wisteria baskets with us too.


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