Happy St. Patrick’s Day

It’s St. Patrick’s Day — are you wearing green? Double points if you’re wearing green that’s made of organic cotton or sustainable bamboo.

While you’re off celebrating today, here are a few green facts for you:

  • Ireland was one of the first countries to put a tax on plastic shopping bags, effectively eliminating their use.
  • Ireland isan excellent model of sustainable food production and is focusing on producing all of the country’s food needs. Ireland’s government actively supports small family-owned farms — in fact, most farms there are family owned — and has developed some of the world’s best environmental and agricultural policies.
  • If you’re drinking Guinness today, know that it’s truly a green beer: Guinness comes from a plant that uses its own Combined Head Power unit to generate power for the facility. The brewery is committed to minimizing and recycling waste in all of its Irish operations and becoming innovative in their use of energy resources.
  • If you’re planning to eat potatoes today (or any day), buy organic — potatoes are on the Dirty Dozen list of vegetables and fruits most contaminated by pesticides. Alternately, try growing your own!

All this is not to say that Ireland is a perfect country of green –as with many countries, it does have some issues to address — but today let’s focus on the good and not worry about the rest.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Eco Women!


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