Easy peasy

If you’re planning to plant peas this spring, go buy your seeds soon.  Depending on the type, peas take around 60 days to go from seed to your dinner table. This is a cool weather plant that does not like the warm days of June, so plant soon to get a May crop.

Peas are incredibly easy to grow — and perfect for the juvenile gardeners in your family. Just plant the seeds 2″ apart and place your rows 2′ apart.  Plant vining types in double rows 6-8″ apart on either side of trellises such as these.  Small bean teepees are another fun way to grow your peas.

Peas are usually ready to pick about three weeks after the plants flower, but pick a test pod and taste it to be certain. Peas taste best when eaten immediately after picking, so wander out to your garden shortly before dinner. Recycla and her daughters love fresh peas so much that they’ll go out to the garden and snack right there. Just-picked peas taste amazing raw!

Too cook fresh peas, shell them and add them to a shallow pot of boiling water.  Cook for only a few minutes  because overcooking ruins the flavor.  Add a dash of salt and maybe a little butter and your peas are ready to be devoured.

If you have a bounty of peas and it’s more than you can eat, you can easily freeze them.  Bring a pot of water to a boil.  While you’re waiting, shell the peas.  Once the water is boiling, blanch the peas — cook for exactly two minutes, remove from heat, and place the peas in a bowl of ice water for two minutes.  Remove and dry on a kitchen towel.  Once dry, put the peas in freezer bags or containers and freeze.

Finally, when you finish harvesting your peas, leave the vines in the ground, as the roots add nitrogen back to the soil.

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3 thoughts on “Easy peasy

  1. Um caveat – this only applies if you’re in zones about 5-6 and above. Those of us still freezing our butts off will only be dreaming of planting peas for another 3 months. When your pea plants are finished for the summer mine will just be going in the ground. (I can plant nothing before Memorial Day weekend unless I just want it frozen.) Not that this has stopped me from already creating my list of seeds to buy…

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