Raising the Bar for Bath Soap

Enviro Girl gave up liquid soap for bar soap years ago.  She’s saved tons of money since liquid soap costs up to 5 times as much a bar of soap, and the main ingredient is water.  She’s reduced her packaging waste since bar soap is usually wrapped in recyclable or biodegradable paper.  She’s enjoyed more moisturized skin and less irritation since bar soap doesn’t have as many chemicals (body washes and shower gels generally contain preservatives).

Since she’s a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to hand soap, you’ll find bars of Ivory soap (the soap that floats!) by all of her sinks.  But for showers, Enviro Girl prefers a rich lather and a little bit of fragrance.  Here are three soaps that Enviro Girl heartily recommends for personal use — or for giving away to people you love:

South of France French Milled Vegetable Soap:  Paraben and phthalate free, leaves behind extravagant fragrances and frothy lather.  The bars are an enormous 8.8 oz. and they’re made in Greensboro, North Carolina.  An affordable luxury, Enviro Girl finds these soaps at a local organic food store for about $4.50 a bar.  She’s currently enamored with the Almond bar.

Indigo Wild’s Zum Bars: A long-time favorite of Enviro Girl’s, ever since Recycla turned her on to this company’s cleaning products.  Zum bars are made of goat’s milk, the creamiest soap you can imagine.  Indigo Wild offers a slew of fragrance choices, Patchouli-Orange being one of Enviro Girl’s standard selections.  A 3 oz. bar runs $5.50, though the company often offers specials, like free shipping.  Located in Kansas City, Missouri, Indigo Wild is committed to cleaning people and the environment.

Soap Dance Natural Soap:  Enviro Girl will admit it, she’s partial to a locally-made product.  Soap Dance soaps come out of Appleton, Wisconsin and are made from natural butters and oils, like olive, coconut, palm and cocoa.  Enviro Girl really loves the muscle salve made by Patti.  While some of the fragrances overwhelm her nose (the blended ones, mostly) the single scents are quite nice — especially the lavender.  A 5-6 oz. bar costs $5.25.  Soap Dance soaps provide excellent lather and rinse off well, leaving a body feeling clean and refreshed.

Tell the Eco Women do you lather up with bar soap?  What’s your brand of choice?

The Eco Women are not employed by any of the companies mentioned here, nor were they asked to write this review. Photo credits:   South of France, Indigo Wile, and Soap Dance.


3 thoughts on “Raising the Bar for Bath Soap

  1. I make my own! It’s really easy, and I know exactly what goes into them. Plus it is cheaper. The last batch I made was lavender.

    Occasionally someone buys me a bar – I got an Urtekram bar for Christmas which I’m using and I love it. It’s huge, and at this rate it looks like it’s going to last several weeks.

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