Four eyes

Everyone in Recycla’s household wears eyeglasses.  Among the four people, there are nine pairs of glasses that cover a variety of uses, including reading glasses, bifocals, shatter-proof sports glasses, and more. While Recycla and her husband tend to wear their glasses for years, the children, however, outgrow their frames every couple of years, which means that something has to be done with the old spectacles.

Luckily, those old frames don’t have to go into the trash. In the U.S., there are several organizations that collect old glasses and then distribute them to people who cannot otherwise afford to buy any. This gives the old frames new life and keeps them out of landfills. The Lion’s Club, One Sight, and New Eyes for the Needy are three groups  that collect millions of pairs of old glasses every year. Various eyecare chains — including LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Sears Optical,and Sunglass Hut — also collect used frames for those in need. All of the groups and companies listed above actively work to get glasses to those who need them — both in the U.S. and around the world.

For those of you who wear glasses, if you have frames that need simple repairs, don’t throw them out!  Instead, see what you can do to get more life out of them.  All drugstores carry those wee little screwdrivers that can tighten the teeny tiny screws in your glasses.  If, however, a repair is beyond your capabilities, most optical shops will repair them free of charge.

And if you are in the market for new frames, check out this post on eco eyeglasses!

Tell the Eco Women:  Do you wear glasses?  If so, what’s your style?  Edgy metal European frames?  Bright red horn-rimmed frames?  Black Clark Kent frames?

The Eco Women are not affiliated in any way with the companies and groups mentioned. Photo credits: Yahoo Images.


5 thoughts on “Four eyes

  1. Bling-y burgandy ornate things. I LOVE them. I think next pair will be very close to the same (perhaps less shiny bits, though) because they have become my very favorite accessory.

  2. Small oval-shaped Ralph Lauren frames that I’ve worn since 2000. I wear contacts most of the time, so I don’t put a whole lot of wear on them, and they still look reasonably fashionable, so I see no reason to replace them. The lenses have obviously changed in that time, but certainly not every year since I really only wear them after I take out my contacts at night or on lazy days or sick days – maybe one full day a week plus every night after about 10:30 pm and mornings before 8:00 am. Provided they don’t break or get lost or something, I don’t think I’ll be replacing them anytime in the near future.

  3. I am generally a wire rim kind of person, but I just bought my first pair of Harry Potter glasses. Now I look like a librarian.

  4. Absolutely, positively donate old glasses. Groups like the Lions’ Club will find a way to get them to people who need them. If you’re looking for a charitable group that does good work, the Lions are very worthy of your donations as well.

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