Another 11 in ’11

Inspired by yesterday’s post by Recycla, Enviro Girl  her own “11 in ’11.”  She’s a purger by nature and a fresh start always makes her feel really good.  When she read Recycla’s list and challenge, she realized she’d already achieved the goal.

1.  Bath towels, dish towels, washcloths–Enviro Girl’s drawers and linen closet were stuffed full of perfectly good towels she’d received as gifts, but her family never used them because they had so many.  Her son’s Boy Scout troop sent home a list of items desperately needed by a local family living in dire straits–towels were on the list.  Enviro Girl pulled out several practically brand new towels and sent them along to this needy family.  She included a few new dish towels and washcloths because she’s feeling pretty lucky these days and will happily make do with her older kitchen linens.

2.  Toys. Anyone with growing children realizes they outgrow their toys.  Enviro Girl collected a box of toys ready to move into new hands via the local thrift shop.  Added bonus: her sons have more room to play with the new toys they received at Christmas.

3.  Knick-knacks. Enviro Girl had several items languishing in basement storage, on walls, on shelves–things that really don’t reflect her taste and have zero sentimental value.  She’s no longer decorating her kitchen in apples (that was so 1992) and never really took to collecting spoons.  Boxed up and sent to the thrift shop for someone else to enjoy.

4.  Christmas Decorations. Just as with her knick-knacks, Enviro Girl had several Christmas decorations that she didn’t like.  She didn’t display them, she didn’t even take them out of storage.  She boxed them up and sent them to the thrift store, confident that someone else would give those plastic wreaths and cat ornaments a good home.  Those burned out strands of lights got labeled and stashed in a safe place until next winter when Enviro Girl can exchange them for a few dollars off new strands of LED lights.

5.  Kids’ Clothes. Enviro Girl sent along several shirts to that needy family, including snow pants and sweaters that her sons never used.  Her family has plenty to wear.   Sure, it was nice to have an extra pair of snow pants just in case, but certainly not necessary.  Those snow pants are necessary for that family’s sons when they go outside for recess every day.  Enviro Girl has a clothes dryer in the event her sons require dry pants right away.

6.  Her Clothes. Like Recycla, Enviro Girl has things in her closet she never wears.  Sadly, Enviro Girl’s wardrobe is not stylish enough to resell at a consignment store, so off to the thrift shop.

7.  Kitchen Utensils. Enviro Girl has extra pans, bowls, gadgets and gizmos she never, ever uses.  She gave some to the needy family, the rest went to the thrift shop.

8.  Sporting Gear. Her oldest son wanted to wrestle again this year, but he’d outgrown his shoes.  Enviro Girl scavenged through the family’s sporting gear and pulled out a pair of outgrown cleats, outgrown cross-country skis and boots, and outgrown hockey skates.  She swapped them even-up for a pair of wrestling shoes at Play It Again Sports.

9.  Puzzles and Games. Enviro Girl will hold on to the classics, but her sons took the rest of their outgrown puzzles and games to their school.  Plenty of classrooms will benefit from this donation during indoor recess.

10.  Magazines, coloring books and other random piles of stuff. Her sons never really use coloring books, so the few that had been barely touched went to the thrift shop.  The rest got recycled and the kids’ art supply shelves never looked cleaner.

11.  Craft Supplies. Enviro Girl has tubs full of scraps and bits and bobbles.  She’s saving them for her sons to use on a rainy day, but the fact is, she’s got more crafting scraps than her sons will ever use.  Their school will have an artist-in-residence for two months this spring and the call went out for the same supplies Enviro Girl has been hoarding (just in case)–buttons, ribbon, yarn, fabric scraps, empty spools.  Enviro Girl’s craft supplies will be put to good use–by hundreds of children!  She feels really good about this donation and the craft/games closet is tidy and easy to access now.


2 thoughts on “Another 11 in ’11

  1. What an amazing list of things you’ve accomplished. Makes me think that I need to pick up the pace and get moving on my list.

  2. Elementary schools love those donations! Ask the teachers if they need magazines, too, before throwing those away. I keep a drawer in my classroom full of magazines for cutting. I’m frequently amazed at the creativity involved in collages.

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