Word about Enviro Girl’s reputation as a tree-hugger is getting around her family tree.  She received some great Christmas gifts this year that acknowledged her environmentalist tendencies, including a wonderful serving bowl made by zak!

The Confetti product line is made from recycled melamine, which is why her mother-in-law bought the bowl for Enviro Girl.  These dishes are durable, cheerfully colored and fun.  Enviro Girl entertains outdoors almost all summer and having a huge serving bowl that her kids can safely carry out to the brick patio is itself a great gift.  That her mother-in-law bought it for her because it was made of recycled materials and then bought one for each sister-in-law made it an even sweeter gift.  Zak! bowls cannot go into the microwave or dishwasher, but Enviro Girl’s bowl is too big to fit into either of those appliances anyway.

Zak! sells a complete line of serving bowls, kitchen prep, utensils, dishes and drinkware.  The company is committed to environmental conservation, using recycled materials in their product lines and getting involved with Spokane County’s “Smart Moves” campaign to encourage their employees to use alternative transportation methods.  You can buy Zak! products  at specialty kitchen shops and at department stores like Younkers.

Enviro Girl hopes to get more Zak! Confetti dishes in the future–they’re just the thing for eating and serving food in style.


2 thoughts on “zak!

  1. Hmmm…. I just pulled a Zak bowl out of the dishwasher. I wonder if I did something to it? It seems fine.
    I have the whole set of four and I love them!! They clean really well, even after smashing raspberries or blueberries in them.

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