The Eco Women’s eco resolutions

Every year around this time, the Eco Women set some eco goals for the coming year.  Last year, they told you their plans for 2010.  Listed below, you’ll find out how they did and what they’re planning for 2011:

Eco Lassie

2010 — Eco Lassie and her husband planned to incorporate more whole foods into their diet.  They’ve upped their vegetable intakes and have lost weight (12 pounds for her; 35 for him).

2011 — Eco  Lassie is going to be better about bringing shopping bags with her.  She has also been able to recycle shipping materials and plans to keep up with that.

Enviro Girl

2010 — Enviro Girl wanted to learn to can vegetables and this did not happen; however, she froze enough beans, tomatoes, and peas to last her family of five until next summer.  She also wanted to make better use of her kitchen garden and was very successful in that — her family ate fresh homegrown veggies and fruits (carrots, tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, beets, squash, peas, berries, and pears) all season.  She planned to vigilantly recycle plastic bags and, in the process, reduced her trash output by a lot.  Regarding her plan to get control of Reed Canary Grass, which  is an invasive species on her Wisconsin property, she’s not sure how that went.  Due to severe weather conditions — over three feet of rain — her property flooded, making any kind of weed control impossible.  They’re hoping that the wet weather hampered the weed’s growth.  Enviro Girl and her husband also planned to research getting solar panels for their house.  While they’ve done the research, they have not yet committed to the project; they are waiting for costs to come down a bit more first.

2011 — Enviro Girl wants to bake bread, which will reduce the waste generated by her family and increase their consumption of healthy ingredients.  They plan to plant 100 tree seedlings on their property.  They are also going to go meatless at least one day per week.  Finally, they want to make more gifts instead of buying them.

The Green Mommy

2010 — Her eco resolution was to use Tap It to refill her water bottle instead of buying water  and she has been doing it all year.
2011 — Instead of putting magazines into the recycling bin, she’s going to see if neighbors or friends want them first.  REUSE first, then RECYCLE.

Green Queen

2010 — Green Queen planned to reuse yarn to make new projects, garden more, reuse old game pieces for some new art projects, can some of her produce (she already cans her jams), and rebuild some of her garden furniture.  She was successful in most of her goals, but felt that she could have done even more with her gardening.  She did not can any produce or make any jam, so she’s adding those to her list of goals for 2011.

2011 — Green Queen plans to garden more, can some produce, take some knitting classes so she can start making clothes (sweaters, etc.).  She also wants to bike more to work and to run errands — at least in the summer. She also wants to compost more and is thinking about starting a worm bin this spring.


2010 –Recycla planned to increase her gardening efforts to produce even more bounty for her table.  She also wanted to preserve more food for the cold months.  She was successful in both of these — producing bumper crops of beans, tomatoes, peas, and more and freezing enough food to supplement her family’s meals for months.  Recycla and her family also pledged to have 40-50 “No Drive Days” — meaning that her family would not drive their cars at all on those days.  Instead, they would walk or bike or simply stay home.  They were very successful in this goal and Recycla plans to blog more about this next week.

2011 — Recycla’s main goal will be to REFUSE before reducing, reusing, and recycling.  On a related note, she plans to declutter her home considerably and has a specific plan for this, which she will also blog about next week.  She also wants to install at least one rain barrel in her garden.  Recycla’s family will also continue to track their No Drive Days in 2011.  Finally, Recycla will once again plant as much as her garden will hold and try to preserve a great deal of her garden’s bounty.

Tell the Eco Women:  What are your eco goals for 2011?



5 thoughts on “The Eco Women’s eco resolutions

  1. Great resolutions ladies! I like the idea of REFUSING, I think we all could benefit from that.

    We’ve been eating much less meat lately… when my husband comes home from his latest job, I’m going to see if I can convince him to join in! He’s a good salad-eater, so I think we’ll be cutting down more on meat in 2011.

  2. I have been walking to the post office and ocasionally to the grocery store (if I have a small list)…they are both within a 3 mile walk.
    I am going back to making greeting cards with my stash of supplies, instead of buying them and knitting to use up my stash of yarn.
    I will continue to donate my newspapers to the paper collection bins at the local elementary school and my magazines to the library.

  3. If your library does not want your magazines, take them to a hospital, Target House (or Ronald McDonald – whatever is in your area) or an old folks home. There are plenty of places where people have to wait and wait and wait and would love some distraction.

  4. Now that I’ve learned more about canning, I plan to expand the garden and incorporate more heirloom varieties that will be good for salsa and other can-worthy dishes. The raspberry bushes should be better this year; I left them alone last summer.
    One more goal: taking better care of me so that I can take care of those around me. ‘Nuff said.

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