Stop The Crumple!

Crumpling up paper is a satisfying thing. Squeezing the paper tight in your fist, tossing it into the trash–who hasn’t done that? The menfolk at Enviro Girl’s house take particular joy from the crumple and toss–especially when it comes to disposing of gift wrap and mail.

A simple experiment will demonstrate exactly why the crumple contributes to the Trash Factor, taking up unneccessary room in our garbage bags and landfills.

Procure an empty shoe box and a stack of paper. (Enviro Girl used 8.5″ X 11″ multipurpose paper.)  Lay the paper into the box. How many pieces can you fit? (Enviro Girl laid in one hundred.)

Good. Now pull out the paper and begin crumpling it up and setting it in the box. Now how many pieces can you fit? (Enviro Girl squeezed in ten.)

By resisting the urge to crumple and folding gift wrap flat and layering it in your garbage bags, you’ll be able to dispose of more paper in less space.  You’ll use fewer garbage bags, you’ll conserve space in your garbage bin and you’ll make fewer trips to take out your trash.   Your garbage collectors will thank you (especially the week after Christmas) and your landfills will thank you.

It’s  a simple way to reduce the Trash Factor at Christmastime:  Stop the Crumple.


4 thoughts on “Stop The Crumple!

  1. Ever since you told me about this a couple years ago, I’ve made a point to stay away from the crumple. It does make a difference on Christmas morning.

  2. My dad was an environmentalist way before it was cool.In the 1960’s and 70’s when we were kids he taught us to rip trash paper into quarters or eighths and to flatten food packaging before we tossed it, to use less trash bags. In those days we hauled our trash to the dump and we talked about how that enormous pile of trash would be buried and take so many years to break down.

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