Hot chocolate and marshmallows

Even though winter does not technically start for another five days, it has been bitterly cold for a few weeks in Recycla’s home state of Virginia and it is in fact snowing right this very minute.  School is closed today — as you can imagine, Recycla’s children are delighted beyond words.

Since Recycla can occasionally be a fun mother, she’s letting the girls drink hot chocolate with breakfast.  With marshmallows. Oh yes, she’s going for Mother of the Year.

Up until a few years ago, the family bought those ubiquitous boxes of hot chocolate with the individual packets inside.  The resulting product tasted a bit, um, flat.  And fake.  Definitely not chocolatey.  So Recycla tried adding milk instead of water.  Marginally better, but still not good enough.  Plus, the waste from all those individual wrappers was completely  unnecessary.

After some trial and error, Recycla’s family decided that the cocoas made by Lake Champlain Chocolates are the best.  The company makes several flavors, including Mocha Hot Chocolate and Aztec Hot Chocolate, but the family’s favorite is Traditional Hot Chocolate.  It’s thick and chocolatey and utterly delish.  While not all of LCC’s products are organic and Fair Trade, the company does have one organic FairTrade hot chocolate (pictured above) and is trying to add more organic products to their offerings.

If you’re going to have hot chocolate, you must have marshmallows too.  In fact, Recycla thinks that it ought to be a law in all 50 states.  While regular machine-produced marshmallows taste pretty good when drenched in hot chocolate, old fashioned handmade marshmallows are excellent.  Her family buys them at Whole Foods and could eat them all in one sitting.  Old fashioned marshmallows are made in pans and then cut into squares.  The ingredients are high quality and, in the ones that Recycla’s family buys, you can taste the vanilla bean.  Rumor has it that making marshmallows at home is the best off all, so Recycla is planning to attempt it during the Christmas holiday break.

What about you fellow Eco Warriors?  What is your favorite hot chocolate and why?

The Eco Women are not employed by Lake Champlain Chocolates, nor were they paid to do this review.   Photo credits:  Yahoo Images, Lake Champlain Chocolates.


3 thoughts on “Hot chocolate and marshmallows

  1. We’ve made it successfully from scratch using milk and chocolate chips, cocoa and sugar and milk , and (not very eco-friendly) Ovaltine mixed with milk. Top mine with whipped cream and a shot of Baileys and I’m a happy gal.

  2. We love Mexican hot chocolate – it comes in a hard tablet form that you have to cut up and melt in hot milk. The chocolate is mixed with sugar and flavourings including orange and cinnamon. It’s delicious….especially if you dunk some homemade churros in it.

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