Your Eco Friendly Gift Guide for Children

It’s that time of year again, when we all search high and low for gifts for our little ones, no matter what their age. With the economy as it is again this year, many people may be rethinking how much to spend for the holidays. It would be so simple to walk into “W Mart” and be done with your shopping but the Green Mommy is going to ask you to reconsider if this is what you’re thinking of doing.

Instead of buying the popular large, plastic, musical toys this year, how about choosing gifts that will be just as fun, last for generations, and be safer for your children to play with? The key is going for quality, not quantity. Taking this route will also help teach your children to appreciate each individual toy, rather than an abundance.

Here are a few toy companies for you to consider this holiday season or try making your own!

Want some specific “green toy” ideas? Check out lists from Safe Mama, Tree Hugger and Eco Child’s Play for some really great ones.


3 thoughts on “Your Eco Friendly Gift Guide for Children

  1. I love that recycling truck! I can’t wait until my niece is old enough for one. Maybe I need to buy one now – but will I be able to resist playing with it myself if I get it too soon?

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