Coffee talk

RecyclaIt’s the Monday after a three-day weekend.  The chances are good that you are sitting at your computer reading this with a cup of coffee nearby.  Since Recycla is feeling the post-holiday-weekend blues and will be a bit lethargic until her caffeine of choice hits her bloodstream, she’s going to talk to you today about coffee.

Did you know that even your daily choice of coffee can have an impact on Planet Earth?

Here are three EASY suggestions to help you make a difference, one cup at a time.

  • Look for Fair Trade Certification. When you buy coffee that is fair-trade certified, you are guaranteeing that the farmers who grew the beans are paid a fair price, are provided much-needed credit and given technical assistance, such as help in making the transition to organic growing.
  • Select organic coffee. It is worth the small cost premium to use organic coffee beans, too, which eliminate your exposure, and that of the environment, to hazardous pesticides that are commonly applied to conventional crops.
  • Look for shade-grown beans. Coffee was originally a shade-loving plant, and was traditionally cultivated underneath existing trees in a process that protected the native forest. Today, many farmers continue to raise coffee beneath shade trees, and the plants provide sanctuary to important migratory birds, many of which are now threatened. These are many of the same birds that fill American yards with song during the warm months.

That’s it.  Just three easy things to remember the next time you stock up on java or dash into your favorite coffee shop for a cup to go.

Coffee tips courtesy of the Daily Green.


3 thoughts on “Coffee talk

  1. We get our beans at the food co-op we belong to in Chapel Hill, Weaver St. Market. Although it’s three hours away (!) we travel in the area enough to make it work and just stock up. We can get all of the above there and when you grind those beans, the smell is just great!

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